The field of Artificial Intelligence  is expanding and growing at a speed Marketing firms and businesses seem not able to keep up with. Artificial intelligence and marketing can be used in many ways in the current era to improve the business environment and the returns on many facets of brands ,improving customer experience, service delivery, decision making and creating specially curated advertising for consumers.

Businesses not leveraging on artificial intelligence in their social media marketing are in for a big shock because their competitors will be having an edge over them because AI enables real time analysis of user experience and customer satisfaction. Artificial intelligence more robust compared to the use of human resource in marketing ,this is because artificial intelligence not only is able to track quantifiable data sets but also qualitative ones. This is an aspect that has eluded humans for a long time in the event of running marketing campaigns.

Where AI Is Applicable

Artificial intelligence is not only limited to marketing and social media management for businesses and brands. AI tools have been used expansively in many business sectors. Taking Netflix for instance, AI is being used to suggest shows that a viewer is more likely to enjoy. This arrived at when AI collects the users history  analyzes it and arrives at a conclusion on what the individual might love to see not only as a poster, but also the preview of the show or film. This has been a game changer for the company because of the Success it has had with the AI tools.

Selecting The Right AI Tool

Not all tools are able to bring the required results to a business. When deciding on the tool to use consider the following; the goals intended,the time available,the kind of results your business wants,the resources to be invested in the tool and also the platforms where the tool will be used to collect data and improve user experience.

The selection of a wrong AI tool can have huge consequences for a business, the tool can lead to poor targeting of user audience, this automatically will translate to poor Return on Investment for a business and this is a problem a brand must be prepared to avoid. To optimize the value of an AI tool, research is a first hand thing to do.

Optimizing The Benefits Of AI In Digital Marketing

First the business must select the right AI for the organization. This will ensure real time marketing decisions are made.

The tool chosen must be passed through rigorous testing to ensure it does not violate its boundaries like in user privacy and data collection, the curated Ads should not be made to look like an intrusion and the tool must meet the regulation and requirements of your government.

Using AI in digital marketing will ensure that fast decision making is implemented with real time data backing the decisions. This is not possible where humans are used as data collectors and analyzers because they work on a slower pace compared to AI.

AI is going to revolutionize how digital marketing is done and this is the perfect time for businesses and brands to ride on the wave!

  • By Edwin Mwema Ogeto

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