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media relations

When people define Media Relations as the practice of building mutually beneficial relations with the media, the definition is only vague and requires more explanation. Media Relations thus is the practice of building good relations between a brand and a media outlet. This means that an organization gets to liase with a journalist or reporter … Continue reading media relations


The field of Artificial Intelligence  is expanding and growing at a speed Marketing firms and businesses seem not able to keep up with. Artificial intelligence and marketing can be used in many ways in the current era to improve the business environment and the returns on many facets of brands ,improving customer experience, service delivery, … Continue reading USING AI IN DIGITAL MARKETING

money market

When talking about investment options, money markets often come up as a low-risk investment option for either risk-averse individuals or one’s who are relatively new to investments. What are money markets and what are the risks and benefits associate with this investment option? This article seeks to provide answers to the posed questions as well … Continue reading money market